Teaching Format

The Genius of Flexibility Center creates a traditional healing environment that includes group participation, transparency, group perspective, and where the healing of the healers is a priority.

It is important for people participating at the center to understand how classes and private sessions are conducted. Often the activities involved in healing are in stark contrast to the current corporate health practices where the participant is isolated in a closed room to be treated solely by the practitioner.

During both classes and private sessions:

  • Other people in the room are asked to give their perspective, feelings, and knowledge on the changes that have occurred for someone after their stretch. This sharing of perspective honors and acknowledges everyone's genius.
  • Everyone can be asked to participate by helping assist another person. RFST often requires many people to assist in generating the movement necessary to truly help someone.
  • All four aspects of a person are considered and discussed including the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual parts of a person. This is essential in order to develop the undeveloped parts of a person, which are the root causes of their health concerns.
  • Though time slots are arranged, both the beginning and ending times are often flexible in order to accomplish the work that has been attempted to help the participant, practitioner, and assisters.
  • Everyone is encouraged to embrace the valuable opportunity to learn from other people's experience. The discussions that occur during a private session are often of significant value not only to the participant, but also to the other people who are assisting.

Session Attire

Please wear whatever is most comfortable for you to move around and stretch in. Jeans or other movement restricting clothes are not recommended. Sweats, shorts, and other similar types of clothing will be most comfortable. Socks are appropriate but not required. A change of clothes is necessary if you will be using our infrared sauna (available at the Boston center).

Session Payment

Cash or checks are preferred. Checks can be made payable to the name of the trainer you will be working with.


We supply stretching mats, towels, ph drinking water, and all other equipment.

Boston Center Amenities

We have several amenities available for you to use before/after your session. Shower, steam room, infrared sauna, and a hyperbaric chamber are all available to you at no additional cost.

The Genius of Flexibility