The Flexibility Training of Bob Cooley:
Resistance Flexibility

Available at The Genius of Flexibility
Santa Barbara, Boston

Our Mission

The Genius of Flexibility Center is dedicated to the art and science of human motion. We help people of all ages and abilities to become physically more flexible and strong with concomitant increases in physiological and psychological health. We specialize in the training of professional and Olympic athletes and performers. The Genius of Flexibility Center works to lead the world in flexibility training and analysis manifesting in providing the highest quality physical training in the world.

We believe that the health and sustainability of the world is a reflection of one's personal health. The food you eat, the clothing you wear, the products you use, and the furnishings you live with are reflections of your personal health. The Flexibility Training of Bob Cooley helps to create a sustainable person in cooperation with organic sustainable companies.

A Revolutionary Flexibility and Strength Training System

We are the exclusive home and founders of Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST) — the 'new way' to stretch and strengthen your body, and The Meridian Flexibility System — a powerful program known for significantly rehabilitating and upgrading the performance of professional performers and severely injured individuals.

Created through decades of research, RFST tailors to your most pressing physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological issues. We want you to not only feel better, we want you to eat better, live better, get what you desire and think better. So in addition to flexibility and strength training, we provide dietary advice, suggest lifestyle changes, teach pertinent emotional and psychological knowledge and connect you with complimentary health care practitioners.

Teaching Format

The Genius of Flexibility Center creates a traditional healing environment that includes group participation, transparency, group perspective, and where the healing of the healers is a priority.

It is important for people participating at the center to understand how classes and private sessions are conducted. Often the activities involved in healing are in stark contrast to the current corporate health practices where the participant is isolated in a closed room to be treated solely by the practitioner.

During both classes and private sessions:

  • Other people in the room are asked to give their perspective, feelings, and knowledge on the changes that have occurred for someone after their stretch. This sharing of perspective honors and acknowledges everyone's genius.
  • Everyone can be asked to participate by helping assist another person. RFST often requires many people to assist in generating the movement necessary to truly help someone.
  • All four aspects of a person are considered and discussed including the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual parts of a person. This is essential in order to develop the undeveloped parts of a person, which are the root causes of their health concerns.
  • Though time slots are arranged, both the beginning and ending times are often flexible in order to accomplish the work that has been attempted to help the participant, practitioner, and assisters.
  • Everyone is encouraged to embrace the valuable opportunity to learn from other people's experience. The discussions that occur during a private session are often of significant value not only to the participant, but also to the other people who are assisting.

Offering private sessions, group classes, certification programs, and more.

The Genius of Flexibility Boston

Increasing flexibility is all about reducing fascia through Resistance Flexibility.

The forces necessary to reduce the body of excessive fascia cannot be tolerated if administered by massage.

Resistance Flexibility involves ZERO PAIN while the person generates thousands of pounds of force to remove the excessive fascia.

Resistance Flexibility gives immediate, cumulative, and permanent increases in flexibility.

Resistance Flexibility takes the pain out of stretching, and prevents you from over-stretching.

Resistance Flexibility results in significant postural bio-mechanical upgrades, and elite performance.

The Flexibility Training by Bob Cooley produces predictable concomitant physiological and psychological benefits: turning depression into creativity, addiction into temperance, moodiness into self worth, hyper-critical into ambition, etc.

The Flexibility Training of Bob Cooley gives everyone the experiences of the 16 Genetic Personality Types.

Resistance Flexibility Training is becoming the best self help preventative medicine.

Nothing is a substitute for Resistance Stretching.

The Genius of Flexibility