Bob Cooley is available in an extremely limited capacity. Private training with Bob Cooley is an exclusive service that you can take advantage of to create a major upgrade in the foundation of your biomechanics and an overhaul in the strategy for success in any and all aspects of your life. The only way to get the best of the best is to go to the source, and Bob Cooley is just that. Founder and creator of all RFST currently happening in the world. Many of our clients see Bob in order to receive a developed plan for their body. After, the plan is performed by our Elite Trainers in perfect detail whether it be to rehab your injury, win your next competitive sports match, or win a triathlon.

Contact Bob's Assistant

Josh Weil
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All payments in advance. Contact Josh Weil for options.

Cancellation Policy

Zero Cancellation

Introductory Session

Rate determined by client's goals.

This session is designed for both the client and Bob to determine the best strategy for client involvement including: whom best to work with, frequency of sessions, goals, and urgency.

2021 Session Rates

  1. Boston, Santa Barbara and LA Centers or Outside Center within 10 miles

    $1,500 - $3,000 (depending on number and experience level of RFT assisters needed).
    Scheduled set session times based on Bob’s availability.
    One to three trainers assisting.

  2. Distance Travel - Exclusive

    $2,500 - $5,500 (depending on number of RFT assisting).
    Business or first class travel, rental car, Lyft or Uber transports, green accommodations, organic food and water.
    Flexible session times.
    Additional fees for involvement in activities associated with client's goals.

  3. Short Term Commitment – Intensive Trainings

  4. Usually 5 days - 3 months.
    In center sessions are at set times. Out of center sessions times are flexible.
    Session rates apply. See above.
    Additional fees for involvement in activities associated with client's goals.

  5. Long Term Commitment

    Yearly retainer to maintain exclusive availability of Bob.
    Retainer fee is additional to session rate.
    Retainer fee dependent on number of sessions per month.
    Additional fee structure depending on nature of project.

Session Details

Teaching format, session attire, payment, supplies, amenities, mashing, and more...

The Genius of Flexibility