TGOF Center

This directory of certified trainers serves as the primary verification source of credentials for The Genius of Flexibility Certified Trainers also called RFST Certified Trainers. It is the responsibility of an employer to confirm with sufficient identifiers that an individual, whose credentials are being reviewed, is the same person reported in the directory. Employers and others concerned about accurate current Genius of Flexibility training certification status should confirm that all documents and information presented by an individual are accurate to secure or maintain employment or to verify certification status.

Contact us for verification details. The Genius of Flexibility Center provides four categories of status association with The Genius of Flexibility Center for your review:

1. Active Certified RFST Interns, Instructors, and Elite Trainers

An individual who: (1) has successfully passed the physical flexibility and assisting RFST exams, GPT exam, professional and Olympic athlete exam, and mastery exam, and (2) is in compliance with continuing competency and/or annual CEC course completion and renewal fee requirements.

2. Pending Certification

Certified Interns that have not yet completed the current year CEC course.

3. Retired Trainers

A registrant who is no longer actively working in the field, but wishes to maintain an association with The Genius of Flexibility Center and Bob Cooley. A request for retired status must be made in writing. Retired status is permanent. Retesting is required to regain active registrant status.

The following is our list of active certified trainers:

The Genius of Flexibility