In the Studio, testing out the highest quality foods on the Planet is part of what we do everyday. Our team seeks out and samples superfoods that help us rapidly recover from intense Resistance Flexibility training, upgrade tissue health, and accelerate physical development. The Studio kitchen is like the Boston Organic Tasting Laboratory (BOTL) from the future! Bob skates in on his blades with new, wild, and amazing superfood products all the time. Elite Trainers discover their own personal favorites; different Genetic Personality Types (GPT) enjoy different foods. Trying new food with friends is one of my favorite forms of entertainment.

Many new products do not make the cut: they taste like clay, digest poorly, or provide no real benefit. All the failed testing is worth it for the moment that you bite into something that delights your taste buds and heals your body. So, straight from the BOTL, here are my top 12 favorite organic superfoods for a healthy and vibrant 2012:

Bob stretching Graeme

BoKu- Superfood Blend

Be careful. BoKu is like the little red pill from the Matrix. It's implausibly packed with nutrient-dense, exotic plant specimens. I remember my first time. One glass of BoKu at dinnertime led me on a journey to undiscoverable waterfalls, unidentifiable jungles, and the blistering dunes of Namibia. I was energized, well fed, and exhilarated from the trip. Do you want to circle the globe in 90 seconds or less?

HealthForce Nutritionals- Vitamin C

Great for winter, and all other seasons, HealthForce Vitamin C is made from 100% pure acerola berry. This is the most natural, nutritious, and dangerously tangy Vitamin C I've ever tasted. Add to a glass of water and whisk for an edgy, sweet, and sour treat. I like to drink it daily, and increase the amount if I feel a cold coming on. HealthForce Vitamin C has saved me from catching many colds.

Moon in the Pond Farm & Local Organic Farmer's Market or CSA

My quest for the freshest and most nutrient-dense food on the Planet begins with a trip to the local organic farmer's market in Copley Square and my favorite farm, Moon in the Pond Farm in Sheffield, Mass. I love knowing the people that grow my food. Some staples include arugula, basil, carrots, beets, rosemary, oregano, fresh meats, raw cheese, raw milk, and the list goes on. Science proves the extraordinary nutritional benefits of eating same-day picked fruits and vegetables: Much of the vitamin, mineral, and micronutrient content available from vegetables is lost just 72 hours after harvest.

Dominic, owner of Moon in the Pond Farm, shows off his amazing raw milk cheeses.

Olivas de Oro - Olive Oil

I've tasted many organic olive oils in my life, but nothing comes close to award winning, estate grown Olivas de Oro. Its rich flavor makes a plain egg come to life. The company also produces flavored olive oils; garlic and orange disappear quickly in the Studio! The anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, anti-cancer benefits of olive oil have been demonstrated in hundreds of clinical studies worldwide.

Sunfood Nutrition- Botija Olives

These raw gems turn olive haters into olive addicts. Picked at the peak of their ripeness, pitted, and simply dried in the Peruvian sun, Sunfood botija olives taught me not to eat jarred or canned olives. Sunfood's dried mango is also one of my favorite snacks.

Harmless Harvest - 100% Raw Coconut Water

If you've ever cut open a raw coconut to quench your thirst, then bottled coconut waters are guaranteed to disgust you. Only one exception. Harmless Harvest's taste approaches the level of coconut freshness you'll find lying on a wild Costa Rican beach. This special liquid is truly raw and never heated! Our athletes love drinking raw coconut water to restore blood electrolytic balance instead of Gatorade or other unhealthy, fructose-filled sports drinks.

Villa Manodori - Balsamic Vinegar

This vivid balsamic is like a salad-friendly black and white film. Aged for decades in oak, chestnut, and juniper barrels, Villa Manodori is produced by famous chef Massimo Bottura, owner of the Osteria Francescana restaurant in Modena, Italy. Balsamic vinegar can help improve digestion and metabolism by increasing pepsin activity in the stomach. Activated pepsin accelerates the separation of proteins into free amino acids.

Me enjoying some local, wild Concord grapes and raspberries.

Shiloh Farms- Sprouted Quinoa

I feel much better from eating the gluten-free diet that I started three weeks ago. Cutting out the small amount of wheat that was in my diet has accelerated my physical development, helped me lose weight, and given me more energy for intense aerobic workouts. Quinoa is now my go to food, and Shiloh Farms sprouted quinoa is my favorite. An ancient South American superfood, quinoa was called 'the Gold of the Incas,' and for many good reasons. Quinoa is a complete protein, high in iron and calcium, and packed with manganese, magnesium, and copper. I first encountered Shiloh Farms at the 2009 Expo East food show in Boston. The people were very nice, and the company has expanded rapidly over the past two years. You can find their products in many Whole Foods Markets.

Living Fuel- Superberry Original and Ultimate

Look no further for Olympic-level superfood magic. Nothing at GNC comes close to the organic, wildcrafted, and all natural blend that's available in Living Fuel. Loaded with superfoods, protein, enzymes, probiotics, animo acids, herbs, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, Living Fuel is available in several varieties. I like to use Superberry Ultimate as a total meal replacement and Superberry Original as an afternoon snack. Both give me sustained energy, and for optimum results I avoid eating food within an hour of drinking these nutritional powerhouses. Our athletes love Living Fuel!

Kopali Organics- Goldenberries and Mulberries

If you have a sweet tooth, many of the nutrient-dense superfoods above can help calm your cravings. When I want something sweet, I often turn to Kopali Organics Goldenberries and Mulberries. Both of these ancient treat berries are rich in bioflavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. Kopali was launched at an off-the-grid farm and sustainability center in Costa Rica. Cool! I plan to visit and work with them on my vacation this month.

Using his big guns, Chris assists Lauren with a bent leg hamstring stretch.

The Herbal Answer- AloeForce

Take a shot with me. A shot of pure, raw aloe. Drinking the aloe-herb blend produced by AloeForce was the best thing I did for my digestive system in 2011. Raw aloe contains unique polysaccharides that can cleanse the digestive system and improve immune system functionality. I find that it works best in small amounts; dose recommendations are available on their website.

Some of these fabulous 12 superfoods could be just the fuel that your body needs to reach a new level of health, performance, and vitality in 2012. Combined with Resistance Flexibility training, a diet rich in healthy superfoods can dramatically upgrade your tissue health and overall well-being. Best wishes for a super fit year!

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