Bob Cooley, with the help of Erika Winston, giving an introduction to many beginner Resistance Flexibility concepts and principles by explaining and demonstrating the difference between muscle and fascia by showing a simple D.I.Y. experiment on the biceps and triceps.

Video Transcript

- Hi, everybody. It's Erica and Bob.

- Hi, Everyone.

- We wanna show you something about real flexibility training. There has been a paradigm shift in flexibility training. There's a discovery that will change the way people actually can become flexible, instead of always thinking, some people are born flexible and some people aren't, it's not really like that. The people that are flexible are doing something you are not doing, and I think we know what that is. And we're going to have you have that same discovery with yourself. I'm going to do it with Erica, she's going to do it with me, then you do it with yourself and friends, and then find out if you can make the same discovery we did. And then if you can, then we can apply it to all the muscles all over your whole body. Let's back up, let's start with strength training. Everybody understands strength training. You start where muscle's long, is at your bicep, you add additional weight into that arm and then you lift up that weight and then your bicep contracts and shortens. And it hypertrophies the muscle fibers, and then you develop strength and everybody knows it works and you can do it with any part of your body. So [...]

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The Genius of Flexibility