Bob explaining the importance of physically interfacing with your digestive health in order for your body to be able to digest the foods you eat.

Video Transcript

Hi, I'd like to talk getting your body to digest the food, the good food that you eat Now, I think most people know that the better food you eat, the healthier your body is. And people have a lot of different ideas about eating good food and what that good food would be. It's obvious that people need to eat a lot of really great organic vegetables, or even better biodynamic food. And they need to take in really great water also, very clean water. But I think it's assumed that when people digest good food, that their body then just naturally digests good food, and that's actually not true. Just 'cause the foods good doesn't mean your body is capable of digesting it. It's two different things. There are different muscle groups in your body associated with Chinese medicine, that are associated with different aspects over digestion. So when you first eat food, your stomach, goes into your mouth, your esophageal structures, going down into your stomach. Your stomach has to be able to take that food and mulch it up at a timely fashion so that it actually gets into your small intestine in a good condition to burn, so that when it's in your small intestine, your enzymes come from your pancreas and your fat comes from your gall bladder, and then your small intestines starts digesting your food, and then that creates heat and that heat goes up and warms up your lungs, and then that food, if the small intestines healthy enough, goes through the membrane of your small intestine into your bloodstream, and then it's disseminated around your whole body. So it's not just how good the food is, it's how good are those system that digesting your food. So there're very specific stretches that you can stretch to stretch your stomach meridian muscle groups, that will facilitate how your stomach processes the food and prepares it to get it into your small intestine. There're stretches you can do that help your liver produce the bile that then gets stored in your gallbladder, that gets re-released so you can digest your fats. Those are specific muscle groups. And then there's specific muscle groups for your small intestine, in order for the small intestine then assimilate those nutrients into your body, so that you actually can digest your food. I think it's a very neat thing to know that you could just stretch different muscles groups and even kind of regardless of the quality the food you ate, you could get a better absorption of that and better nutrients absorbed into your body from affecting the health of your organs by doing your different muscle groups. Now the way you'll know whether or not these different organs are digesting your food, all you have to do is try those stretches and naturally stretch those muscle groups, meaning let your muscles contract while you stretch, and do those muscle groups and find how flexible and strong those muscle groups are. And if they are, then you can decide if that's actually working for you to digest your food.

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