Bob explaining the importance of investing in your own personal wellness instead of living in fear of illness.

Video Transcript

Let's talk about investing in wellness, instead of fear of illness. Where to begin on this topic? I think the place to begin, is really talking about food, first of all, that people eat, 'cause the food you eat is really a lot about what you become and your health. And so it's really important to ingest, really, food that you personally like. Like an orange for one person is a pear for somebody else. People really like different kinds of food and they need that journey of discovering what kinds of food you really like and what makes you feel good. That's just a great thing to do. And when you go to the grocery store and you see, wow, the string beans are really great today and the other day that winter squash looked really great to you. You're gonna be attracted to food and as time goes on, you get to figure out what food makes you feel the best. And I'm not talking about being perfect about eating where you don't need things that aren't so good for you, I'm just talking about the main part of your diet, should be things that are really particularly delicious for you and things you really like to do. And of course, I think most people know that it's not really good to eat too late at night-time. It's better to eat your meals sooner than that. So have a great time, find great food, make your body feel really good that when you do [...]

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