Resistance Flexibility is a profound and transformative modality -- hard work and fun as well as effective.

I appreciated the in-depth walkthrough and repetition of the poses and how they affect us in everyday life.

I really enjoyed the aspect of self work and self stretching. I also liked that there was plenty of time to practice the techniques and alternatives were given.

I enjoyed the opportunity to experience being stretched by someone else. I also got greater clarity about certain aspects of self stretching.

The hands-on practice with assisting and self-stretching was invaluable. I liked knowing how each of the stretches tie in with personality traits. Nice, clear explanation on the first day of what the system is and where it's going. Trainers are super-knowledgeable and good at what they do. Trainers were very available and hands-on; very attentive and helpful.

I loved how light I felt afterwards, how all the stretches were so intricate when working on my muscles and how it melted away some of the fascia in my body. The concepts are pretty easy to understand and apply, all the while being in-depth and interesting! I feel such a difference in my body now! After applying the stretches into my daily routine, I noticed an incredible difference in my athletic performance, stamina, health, and posture. Incredible!

I appreciated all of the training. The feedback for body alignment and placement during instruction was most valuable for me. This work is strenuous for both the patient and facilitator. Proper body alignment allows for both parties to benefit.

The training was generally interesting and gave me the info I wanted.

I found the approach to the training program extremely different but also very interesting. I liked the fact that the idea of this was not to learn it exactly one way and then repeat how the instructors did it, then be tested on it (sort of like a school approach). I enjoyed the fact that it was a self-learning course that was simply guided by the two instructors. I also liked the fact that we were made to get out of our comfort zones and were forced to work with almost every person in the room. It gave you a chance to connect with more people and even realize how you actually got along with someone rather than just taking them at face value. I also really enjoyed the breaks where Bob came in with a client he was stretching and showed the class some elite assisted stretches. I found this to help people really show how these changes that people might not have seen in the self stretches can happen almost instantly. I also enjoyed the opportunity to help assist in a few of those stretches because it really gave you a look into what it takes to make these changes and what it takes out of you. Finally, I enjoyed the community that I myself was able to get immersed in. When you are surrounded by people who want and strive to be healthy in all ways, you unconsciously do make changes to your diet and own approach to health that you wouldn't use otherwise. Overall an amazing weekend!

I loved the core principles and the straightforward, engaging way they were presented then workshopped.

I liked the openness and relaxed atmosphere of the class. I felt appropriately challenged and energized. I was never bored. I felt part of the program from the very start. I felt very secure about what we were doing because the instructors exhibited and demonstrated with knowledge and confidence which was very reassuring.

My goal was to get the joy back in my body. Now that I have a better understanding of how to do the resistance stretching because of the helpful demos and feedback from Nick and Luther, I am hopeful that will happen. I also liked Bob popping in with his stories and demos.

I loved the stretching. I felt "upgraded" afterward and look forward to furthering the practice. The workshop was informative and engaging, and I thought Luther and Nick demonstrated a true depth of knowledge. This methodology is super unique and effective and I appreciate that the instructors have dedicated so much of their lives toward mastering it. I particularly liked that it was so thorough, and that final 20-minute serious of self-stretching was a jewel.

Body functions internally much better. In addition my body performs better walking, running, skiing, sitting, and just in daily life. I also have developed in all aspects of my life with RFST.

I realize a deeper, more effective lengthening of the muscle. The movement happens within the muscle rather than pulling on my joints and attachments.

I have experienced reduction in impatience, a general refreshing of my personality, greater desire, and many physical changes, including reduction of aches, pains, and medical issues. I have a much greater appreciation for other people and interactions with them.

There is integration of all elements in this system as well as an expansion of understanding that I am directly experiencing and observing in others as very beneficial. I have experienced an easing of stiffness in my hip and relief of lack of range of motion in my right shoulder - new conditions for me. I get instant relief and long lasting. I see changes psychologically as well and am still exploring this.

I love the many ways I can explore resistance while finding flexibility! As well a great deal of strength and stamina can be "built". I like the "reps" approach... it takes that to to acquire flexibility in a movement.

I am a yoga teacher...not my day well a dedicated cyclist. I cannot 'stretch' without resistance. If I stretch without properly applying resistance, I can feel improper tension, and rather than stretching the muscle, it pulls on the attachment... the joint! I no longer do or teach a traditional forward bend....with all the 'sitting' going on in our society a traditional yoga forward bend can create pain, improper movement based on tension, and perhaps cause injury.

I've learned that muscle tightness and locked up postures can be corrected. Adding resistance to my yoga practice has helped me progress enormously. I've restored shocking ranges of motion... quickly!

I can feel parts of my body that I didn't used to feel. I can feel the tightness that I was previously unaware of. When I practice assisted stretching, I can feel the relief that comes from getting extra space in my body, particularly in my hips. My digestion has improved. I have moments of spontaneously clear and analytical thinking that I didn't used to have. I have felt the fascia strip away on a few occasions of getting stretched. I have felt the energy pathways on a few occasions. I've had specific mental/behavioral results from intensely stretching specific body parts.

The training was very enlightening for me. I gained a higher awareness of myself and my style of relating of others. I also gained more insight into the world of RFS. I am so blessed to have this new information in my life and look forward to the journey. I found the course to be fluid and well guided. It is such a huge web of information to dive into, especially if a person had no prior knowledge of the work. I feel that each part was introduced, however a lot of stretching was the focus.

What I have taken from the training has been life changing for me and a lot of that has to do with the trainers and the class. The quality of the trainers was excellent, as was their ability to communicate the technique to those that didn't know much about it. I went with little information and the weekend training was effective in enabling me to understand the method thoroughly, create a practice that I could do at home and also share/teach it to my friends and family. I enjoyed working with other participants and diving right in with stretching others. Also the stretching of the trainers was a very powerful experience that I learned a lot from.

Injury resolved, more energy and now I know how to self correct if I run into future issues!

Great way to stay flexible on a daily basis. A better approach than traditional stretching, which can create negative effects from over-stretching.

This is the best system I have found for fitness.

The Genius of Flexibility