Tomás Tedesco

Certified Elite Trainer

Santa Barbara, CA

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"I wasn't looking for it, it found me."

Hello Random Reader, my name is Tomás.

About myself:
I am from Argentina and am currently a student of philosophy, writing and life at SBCC. I am an intern at the RFST studio where I try to learn as much as possible whenever I am not studying, sleeping, working out, hanging out, dancing out and talking it out. People say I am an old soul; my birth certificate says that I am twenty years old and my behavior tells me that I am four years old. Here is a little story about my experience with RFST. Look forward to stretching with you!

About RFST:
Years ago I would wake at 4:00 a.m. with searing knee pain, compression in my lower back and hamstrings so tense they made guitar strings seem lax in comparison. That was a daily experience for me. Martial arts, cycling and living intensely were taking a toll in my body and I wasn't doing anything to stop it. Many of my teachers, mentors and training partners were crippled or injury-challenged due to the intensity of their chosen and beloved disciplines and I was concerned I was heading down that same road. I loved my lifestyle and I was frustrated because I didn't knew how to take care of myself effectively. In one of those nights of turmoil, I prayed for a way to avoid that fate, a way of transcending that barrier. I would take the gift regardless of the shape.

A couple months later, I friend introduced me to Resistance Flexibility Strength Training (RFST). Four people strapped my hips down to a board and stretched my central hamstrings for only ten minutes. The way I felt when I got up was amazing. My leg was lighter, I was happy, taller and no longer afraid of riding my bike up the hills and torquing my knee. 10 minutes. 4 people. An easy equation.

Soon thereafter I met the fabled Bob Cooley, the creator and and main researcher of this incredible work, and after they opened their Santa Barbara center I found the community I needed to establish myself in the path of healing myself and others. Eventually, my legs got better, my upper body started to develop at the rate I wanted and I began interacting differently with other people. Personally, I have more of a scientific take on my life now. It's hard to merge into words this experience and how it comes to be with the co-joint involvement of you and the trainers. It is personal and multi-layered. But that doesn't do it justice. It's something that one has live for oneself in order to truly understand it.

The shared experience told me that "I can't always hold my own weight, or heal myself alone. Nobody has to." That's one of "secrets" of the healing method we employ, and it is one of the countless pieces of the puzzle that I learn in the studio daily. That can be applied to life outside the training area as well. There are seven billion people on the planet and we can all help each other. I pledge to do my best to help you.

Congratulations on reading the whole text. Looking forward to stretch with you!