Sun Valley Wellness Festival with Bob Cooley

Sun Valley, ID
May 28-29, 2017


Sunday, May 28 — 9:30 am - 10:45 am

Sun 5/28 — 9:30 am - 10:45 am

Monday, May 29 — 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Mon 5/29 — 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm

@ Sun Valley Wellness Festival

Instructor: Bob Cooley
Founder & President
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This event is open to all ages, abilities, and levels of experience.

The only prerequisite is an interest.

This is a great way to be introduced to Resistance Flexibility.

About Resistance Flexibility

The Genius of Flexibility introduces the Resistance Flexibility™ (RF) training of Bob Cooley. Resistance Flexibility advances and unites physical therapy, yoga, personal training, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, and Genetic Personality Type theory.

Resistance Flexibility is a unique, hands-on modality used to develop athletes and performers, rehabilitate the severely and ordinarily injured, and help people of all walks of life achieve their goals. Based on an original biomechanical and energetic analysis of the body and personality, RF achieves unprecedented results.

Course Objective

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the concepts, principles, and practice of RF. This includes basic self stretches, basic assisted stretches, and an introduction to the physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual upgrades that RF can facilitate.

This course includes lots of physical activity, but you work at your own pace. Variations are taught for every exercise allowing people of all ages and abilities to fully participate.

Preview of Concepts Covered

This course will teach you new concepts about flexibility such as...

  • Inflexibility is not caused solely by tense muscles, but by the dense fascia and/or scar tissue that has accumulated in and around the muscles.
  • You must continuously resist and contract a muscle while lengthening it in order to exceed the tensile strength of the accumulated dense fascia which results in immediate increases in flexibility and strength.
  • Most of the increases in flexibility occur when the muscle starts in a position where it is as short as possible and then lengthened, not at the end point of the stretch where the muscle is already fully elongated.
  • The flexibility of a muscle is not just limited by its own health and ability, but by the shortening capacity of its balancing muscle group.
  • It is commonly thought that simply weight training a muscle increases its ability to shorten, however, the ability of a muscle to shorten is dependent on its resistance flexibility.
  • Range of motion does not equate to flexibility. True flexibility includes the health of the tissue and the muscle's ability to continuously and fully contract concentrically, eccentrically, and isometrically throughout that range. Extreme range of motion is often an indicator of hyper mobility potentially leading to instability and damage of the joint structures.
  • Stretching is not just a physical activity, but has direct and predictable associations with the physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual parts of a person.
  • Stretching is not just a solo activity. Maximal results require the participation of others through assisted stretching.
  • ...and so much more!

Certification Precursor

This is a great workshop to take before attending a certification course, which provides a deeper learning experience.

A drunk driver struck Bob Cooley and his friend Pam as pedestrians in 1976. Pam did not survive and Bob forgave the driver and himself. With enormous help from other people, Bob turned that tragedy into discovering and continuously developing Resistance Flexibility, and created the body-mind theory of the 16 Geniuses — Sixteen Genetic Personality Types.

While rehabilitating himself, Bob discovered how all animals naturally stretch - they contract and resist while stretching. He calls this Resistance Flexibility and developed 16 different types of stretches for the whole body. Naturally allowing your body to tense and resist when you stretch dramatically upgrades all your myofascia tissues, as the fascia is restored towards its optimal health.

In the process of spending extreme numbers of days in each type of stretch, he then discovered that each of the sixteen types of stretches resulted in specific health benefits. The benefits surprisingly included not just physical and physiological, but also psychological, emotional, and spiritual. Therefore each type of stretch can be used by anyone to address her or his most pressing health concerns.

Resistance Flexibility helps to transform trauma into gifts. Resistance Flexibility can release you from traumas, connect you to high personality traits, good looks, and spiritual growth. Resistance Flexibility is one of the best forms of preventative health care, and the future of rehabilitative and regenerative therapies. Healing requires a community of people. Healing, I believe is not something people can do by themselves.

Bob, fellow physicians, and researchers did endoscopic and ultrasound filming of Resistance Flexibility, which validates how human fascia was transfigured and restored, while accumulated dense fascia and scar tissue was eliminated through Resistance Flexibility training.

Bob's new type based psychology identified muscle groups, organs, and tissue concomitances as a physical basis for type, something Jung has alluded to was necessary in order to substantiate a psychology of types. For each type, Bob identified concomitant high/low personality traits, archetypes, good looks, intelligences, defense mechanisms, integration, etc. for each of the 16 genetic types.

The central theme about types rests on the discovery that each type has an underlying unconscious type that balances them. The unconscious type has the traits as their balancing type, and is the other gender. The unconscious mind can be understood as being the aquifer for the conscious mind, meaning the person's access to their unconscious or balancing traits directly determines the quality of actions of their conscious behaviors, and that a disconnect of oneself from their unconscious mind is the source of their problems. The 16 Geniuses — Sixteen Genetic Personality Types to be released soon.

Bob works with everyone from untouchables, severely injured and ill, to princes, billionaires, professional and Olympic athletes, CEO's of sustainable companies, celebrities, and performers.

There are Genius of Flexibility Centers now in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, NYC, and Boston where private sessions, classes, and trainings are conducted. Everybody needs to do Resistance Flexibility on her or his lateral hamstrings. Begin now. Take a class, learn how on Video Training Archive of 200+ flexibility exercises with in depth explanations, and hire one of our certified Resistance Flexibility trainers at our centers or online, do Resistance Flexibility with your family and friends. Create your healing community.

Love and respect,


"The health and sustainability of the planet is a reflection of your personal health and sustainability." - Cooley

This event has concluded

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