The 16 Geniuses — 16 Genetic Personality Types with Bob Cooley

What's my type?

Santa Barbara, CA
October 7-28, 2015


Wednesday, October 7 — 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Wed 10/7 — 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Wednesday, October 14 — 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Wed 10/14 — 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Wednesday, October 21 — 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Wed 10/21 — 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Wednesday, October 28 — 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Wed 10/28 — 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

@ The Genius of Flexibility Santa Barbara

914-A Santa Barbara St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Instructor: Bob Cooley
Founder & President
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This event is open to all ages, abilities, and levels of experience.

The only prerequisite is an interest.

This is a great way to be introduced to Resistance Flexibility.

About Resistance Flexibility

The Genius of Flexibility introduces the Resistance Flexibility™ (RF) training of Bob Cooley. Resistance Flexibility advances and unites physical therapy, yoga, personal training, psychology, traditional Chinese medicine, and Genetic Personality Type theory.

Resistance Flexibility is a unique, hands-on modality used to develop athletes and performers, rehabilitate the severely and ordinarily injured, and help people of all walks of life achieve their goals. Based on an original biomechanical and energetic analysis of the body and personality, RF achieves unprecedented results.

Course Objective

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to the concepts, principles, and practice of RF. This includes basic self stretches, basic assisted stretches, and an introduction to the physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual upgrades that RF can facilitate.

This course includes lots of physical activity, but you work at your own pace. Variations are taught for every exercise allowing people of all ages and abilities to fully participate.

Preview of Concepts Covered

This course will teach you new concepts about flexibility such as...

  • Inflexibility is not caused solely by tense muscles, but by the dense fascia and/or scar tissue that has accumulated in and around the muscles.
  • You must continuously resist and contract a muscle while lengthening it in order to exceed the tensile strength of the accumulated dense fascia which results in immediate increases in flexibility and strength.
  • Most of the increases in flexibility occur when the muscle starts in a position where it is as short as possible and then lengthened, not at the end point of the stretch where the muscle is already fully elongated.
  • The flexibility of a muscle is not just limited by its own health and ability, but by the shortening capacity of its balancing muscle group.
  • It is commonly thought that simply weight training a muscle increases its ability to shorten, however, the ability of a muscle to shorten is dependent on its resistance flexibility.
  • Range of motion does not equate to flexibility. True flexibility includes the health of the tissue and the muscle's ability to continuously and fully contract concentrically, eccentrically, and isometrically throughout that range. Extreme range of motion is often an indicator of hyper mobility potentially leading to instability and damage of the joint structures.
  • Stretching is not just a physical activity, but has direct and predictable associations with the physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual parts of a person.
  • Stretching is not just a solo activity. Maximal results require the participation of others through assisted stretching.
  • ...and so much more!

Certification Precursor

This is a great workshop to take before attending a certification course, which provides a deeper learning experience.

These classes are open to anyone interested.

You are welcome to drop in even if you've never attended any of the other classes.

16 Genetic Personality Types

About GPT Lectures

The GPT lecture/participation always begins by having the four groups of types assemble, and then for new people to discover which group they are in and what type they are.

Topics include:

Types and Geniuses
A New Psychology — Based on Types
Resistance Flexibility Exercises and Types
Archetypes and Types
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Types
Balancing/Unconscious Types
High and Low Type Traits
Group and Types Equivalencies
Types — The Game
16 Types of Relationships
The Weak Link and Types
Language and the Types
Getting Out of The Box of being a Type
Types and the Genome
Integration of the Types
Defenses of Types
Careers and Types
Sex and the Types
Gender Differences and the Types
Virtues and Transgressions of the Types
The Four Differentiators for Typing
Cultures, Races, Nationalities, Religions, and Types
Four Principles and Types — Balance, Concomitance, Equivalency, and Reflection
Gifts and Types
Diets and the Types
Humor and the Types

More than two decades ago I discovered sixteen genetic personality types, I call them the sixteen geniuses.

Once you know about types,
for the rest of your life,
anytime you meet anyone,
you may always think and forever be unable not to think,
the indelible question:
"What type is this person?"

I initially discovered the types from within my own body, while attempting to rehabilitate myself from a tragic pedestrian automobile accident, and not as you probably conceptualized by me being a paleontologist at a remote archeological dig or as an academic researcher stumbling into rare scrolls in an ancient library. One way to identify each type is to name them by two of their most exceptional high traits. I’m wondering... which one of the 16 types are you?

The Genius of Decision Making and Devotion (GB)
The Genius of Freedom and Giving (LV)
The Genius of Truth and Power (LU)
The Genius of Perfection and Completion (LI)
The Genius of Sobriety and Self-Knowing (ST)
The Genius of Peace and Communication (PA)
The Genius of Unconditional Love and Right Action (HE)
The Genius of Creativity and Passion (SI)
The Genius of Mastery and Problem Solving (BR)
The Genius of Intimacy and Will (SE)
The Open and Judicious Genius of Openness and Judiciousness (PE)
The Genius of Athletics and Community (SK)
The Genius of Hope and Honesty (BL)
The Genius of Understanding and Humor (KI)
The Genius of Change and Integrity (AP)
The Genius of Healing and Soul (TH)

The Accidental Discovery of TypesHow to recreate the discovery for yourself?

"I was literally physically catapulted into discovering or unearthing the types, though I was previously completely unknowing of their existence. While creating 16 different types of flexibility exercises to rehabilitate myself, I unexpectedly experienced my perception of the world and myself being reconfigured — 16 totally different ways of being or universal types engulfed me, morphing my consciousness. The sixteen different types of stretches were plugging me into a pansophy on types. I was using a 'new way' to stretch that I discovered, and later called Resistance Flexibility."

The type's traits are universal in nature.
Everyone that attempts the 16 different types of stretches,
uses exactly the same words to describe
how they feel and perceive the world.
But this is how each type feels everyday since the moment they were born,
and how they will feel for the rest of their lives.

Identical Twins and GPT — Identical twins are the same type

Much research continues on identical twins. The Twins Conference is held each year in Twinsburg, Ohio where many hundreds of identical and fraternal twins celebrate their twinship and where research tents ask twins to participate in studies. The Genius of Flexibility interviewed identical twins in 2013.

Identical twins are the same type. Identical twins share the same DNA but do not have identical DNA. The exceptional communication between identical twins results in parental and other communication challenges, and dating obstacles. Personality traits, defense mechanisms, perspectives on other types, diets of types, etc. are seen between identical twins and people of the same type as the twins.

Perspectives of Types on TypesHow all the other types view your type

Perhaps the single greatest thing about knowing types is the ability to compare your type's traits, your type's way of life, your type's journey, and your type's attractiveness compared to all the other types. And you can do just this by learning what perspective other types have on your type. Why you have the life you have, why certain things are important to you and other things less important, why you like some things more than other things, etc. "Why not..." is the question that needs to be answered for yourself. Why not learn from the perceptions, perspectives, insights, and conceptions of the other types and build a life for yourself and others that exceeds what you usually think and feel about yourself. That is the perspective that knowing types affords you, a life totally broadened in every way.

Interviews and TypesThe best ways to interview people for type information

Once knowing what type someone is, characteristic high/low traits, lifestyles, intelligences, attraction to balancing traits, types of relationships, defense mechanisms, etc. can be recorded. But knowing yourself by yourself yields only half a picture of yourself. Knowing how others view your type gives you the other half — that perspective.

Several most effective interview techniques have been discovered over the past three decades: Type information identified after intense RF training on the muscle groups concomitant with that type; In-depth personal video interviews by Bob, et al; A person views another person of the same type and gives their 'in' and 'out' on the person; Panels of people of the same type being interviewed with their balancing type group commenting; Having all the other types and especially the balancing type give perspective on that type; Google glass viewing on a day in the life of the type; YouTube interviews of famous celebrities and historical figures; Visiting countries and their type of culture.

Good Looks and TypesSo many types of good looks

Good looks are not just personal preferences but universal for each type. There are those good looks what most people in the world consider essential features or qualifiers, like having more bilateral facial and body features. But sixty-four types of good looks have been identified for the types, four for each type.

Sensual, image, handsome, ravishing, powerful,
remarkable, elegant, sexy, classy,
cute, bedazzling, lovely, beauty,
precious, luminescent, radiant, bewitching...

And each of the types have characteristic types of good looks. Everyone can develop some of the good looks from all the types.

Famous People and TypesI am the same type as Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein...

Oh, and then there are the fateful famous people. Many YouTube videos and photos are easily accessible so that you can study how their type lives, breathes, and kisses.

Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley — SE Types
Adolf Hitler — BR type
Michael Jackson and Rihanna — SI types
Luther Cowden and Keanu Reeves — PA types (different wings)
Abraham Lincoln - ST type

Oh, if they only knew about types, everything would be different.

Once you know about types,
for the rest of your life,
anytime you meet anyone,
you will always think, and forever be unable not to think,
the indelible question:
"What type is this person?"

Types of Intelligence of the Types - 16 types of intelligences

A different type of intelligence and foolishness lives within each type. Each type woos the world with their characteristic perspicacious nature and intelligence, and boggles the mind with their stupidity. The four intelligence groups: thinking, physical, spiritual, and emotional, respectively specialize in either having knowledge, instinct, perspective, or being as its foundational intelligence. Some people have a 'do the right idea, with right person, at right place, and right time' type of intelligence, some a 'brainy' type of intelligence easily learning all the birds of North America or the protégé, some a 'leadership' type of intelligence where they instantly access what jobs or roles different people can do in a project, some an 'artistic' type of intelligence where creating new music, art, or poetry is a daily routine, some a 'puzzler' type of intelligence where finding the parallels in seemingly diverse databases is common, some a 'communication' type of intelligent where working out the glitches on cell phones and computers is fun, some an 'athletic' type of intelligence where they rollerblade down hills backwards during the first day, some a 'sexy' type of intelligence where everyone talks to them about the most intimate details of their sex life, and so on...

The 16 types of intelligences:

Decision making, strategy, leadership, actualization, speculation, communication, right action, symbolization, problem solving, conceptualization, judgment, venture, honesty, philosophy, individualization, and healing.

© Cooley 2015


Please Note: This event will be filmed for educational and promotional purposes.

Bob Cooley Class Series - 4 Classes - $100
Single Class - $35

No pre-registration necessary. Register in person at time of event.

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