Bob Cooley's In Person & Online Stretch Class

Oh Those Hamstrings!

Santa Barbara, CA
February 18, 2023


Saturday, February 18th — 9:30 am - 11:00 am Pacific Time

@ The Genius of Flexibility Santa Barbara

914-A Santa Barbara St.

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Instructor: Bob Cooley
Founder & President
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Bob and Elite Trainers will teach some of the 16Geniuses stretches. Questions answered for both In Class and Zoom participants!

Meet and Greet — First 5 minutes of Class What do you want to know about self and simple assisted RFT stretching, and their predictable concomitant physical/physiological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual benefits?

After you register online, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the Zoom meeting. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder and then contact us. Everyone who is registered will also receive a link to the recording within a couple days of the class concluding.

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Bob Cooley is an international expert in biomechanical analysis of human motion for the repair and regeneration from trauma, and his theory of 16 Genetic Personality Types, 16Geniuses.

Stay Tuned for website — WHAT TYPE AM I?


I would like to say a huge “thank you” to Bob and the staff at the Genius of Flexibility for giving me the opportunity to stretch with you today. My first time ever taking a zoom class, was quite nervous. I am a very private person and not keen on being online, hence my dark screen, thank you for not calling me out on it. I purchased your book and have followed you for a few years, but was never sure if I was doing things the right way, being able to watch you point out different positions was extremely helpful. The class was amazing! My body has energy buzzing thru it and I feel great! I am so glad I participated, and hope to sign up for more classes. Again, thank you and have a great weekend. ~ Lisa B

Thank you - and Bob - and all for the session Saturday. It was truly magical for me - from not thinking we would have a class then to have it on the exact stretch I needed. I injured my hip in a horseback accident in 2017 - I pulled my femur out of my hip socket and I have had varying degrees of pain since. I was in a wheelchair for a while - I found some healing relief from a chiropractor in Hawaii (he was a Van Rumpt apprentice for many years prior to settling in Hawaii); I was able to go back to riding and swimming a mile every day in 2018 - and then reinjured the piriformis in spring 2022. I have been in constant pain since that reinjury - no swimming, and wondered if I would wlk again. That's when I found Bob Cooley on the internet and Patrick Gregston on Zoom last summer. I was making faint progress at times, back to excruciating pain some days - but finally after re-doing yesterday's wall stretch today, I think I did an actual stretch. I think my fascia moved today - and the excruciating pain eased. And I also think the stretch may be working on my left leg fibula and tibula ankle area (both bones broken in a perpendicular way from a skiing injure decades ago. That old injury has been sort of dormant, but I am sure the area has scar fascia tissue. I was on crutches for 14 months and then a walking cast for another four months. All of it is truly magical.

I really think an in-person visit would be great, but I'm . I shall keep working at it - and see what the next few weeks bring. But for today, I am so grateful for the pain relief - and the magic of the perfect stretch and series of stretches Saturday. It seems that Bob has a mental connection with his class. The stretches he chose were truly magic for me, but I thought for everyone in the room and on Zoom. Are we all such a collective wreck? Thank you for the work you do. ~ Valere

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This event has concluded

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