Being Flexible and Recreating Yourself

Everyone knowingly or not tries to 'recreate' themselves – to manifest the full value of themselves. Every famous "star" knows they must subtly recreate themselves by becoming not just physically more appealing, but by becoming more developed psychologically, more mature emotionally, and more spiritually "zenithed." All these "re-creations" bring about a new "look" or persona that, in turn, catalyzes an avalanche of change in their lives, in their future endeavors, and in their breadth of appeal.

Everyone, like the "stars," knows that they too must reconstruct themselves in order to maintain their appeal and viability. Efforts to do just this, dramatically increases your magnetism. That is how you and the "stars" keep winning back audiences time and time again. You "recreate" yourself and from the inside out, your best qualities come forth presenting themselves as a personality that just glows.

Resistance Flexibility absolutely 'recreates' everyone, as they consciously select some aspect of themselves that they want to develop. Yes, their natural good looks most definitely come forth, because the subtle internal changes in them have been extraordinary. Stretching is really more of a "subtractive technology" – it's more about taking stuff away, like weeding a garden so that the plants can thrive. And it's also about building yourself to include all the possible parts of yourself – bring yourself into full splendor.

When you stretch, recreating yourself will become a daily occurrence. Things that you have always wanted for yourself will come forth and remain forever. Some things will change unexpectedly, while other things you'll tackle and the changes will flow. Some traits take considerable effort to affect a change, while other traits will be quite easy.

You decide what part of you that you want to recreate. There are 16 types of things to change. You simply practice the type of stretch that corresponds to those traits. In time, you will 'recreate' yourself in surprising ways.

Mashing quads

When you first began...

When you first start stretching you are very grateful that your usual aches and pains begin to be subtracted from your normal awareness of your body. You also learned how by simply reversing the movements you do when you stretch, you can also strengthen any muscle. As you continue to stretch, you begin to understand how you are unwinding chronic tenseness out of yourself. You usually start feeling like you're getting some 'things' that you have always wanted; like a better shape, or better looking, or healthier in a particular way, or some specific psychological change has occurred to you like becoming more sober, better at relating, more social, having better judgments, etc.

Soon you move from sporadic stretching into a regular daily stretching 'practice' and occasionally you even get a little intense about the way you stretch. You can now do what you previously thought were impossible end position yoga postures. Many people like yourself had given up on yoga because they could never get into the more advanced "positions". Now you get there daily. You've found a community of individuals that share and understand the value in the changes you all are making. Everyone is compassionate about your efforts, problems and successes. A unique extended family has been ushered into everyone's lives.

You have quickly learned from innumerable and repeated experiences that you can remove chronic aches, pains and rusty joints from you forever. You wouldn't expect anything less from your stretching. What started out as a general increase in awareness of your body turns into awareness targeting specific problems. For example, when I first started to stretch, I discovered how to stretch the muscles on the back of my thighs. But several years later, I could differentiate the three different hamstrings on the back of my thigh, and how to stretch each of them specifically. Heaven is on earth.

When it got intense...

Now you can stretch really intensely for a good hour and a half or more and you yearn for the improvements – your stretching has become turbo-charged making you feel light and strong. You no longer settle for merely an elevated mood and a better face and body. You're seeking dramatic changes in many aspects of yourself and in your life. This new intensity, although thrilling, also turns you a little inside-out and upside-down — literally! Sometimes it is like you have been operated on, only you're the surgeon. You're feeling new but somewhat disoriented. The people that assist you have become indispensable. You can't wait to get together with them.

Some days your whole body will ache all over. It's a very good ache but it's everywhere. Everything inside you is sore. Your postural alignment of your bones has been permanently altered... every physiological system inside you functions differently and everything inside you has been moved around. You don't sit, stand, eliminate, express, listen, talk, eat, sleep, relate or have sex like you use to. Sometimes you're tempted to quit, but the stretching crises you've problem solved through, have turned you into a "body sleuth" feel confident that you can solve the grand mysteries inside yourself.

My life is reflected in my body.
The world is reflected in my body.
Anyone can change the world.

When everything started to change...

You're transforming yourself, and this means rest, healing, and regrouping. You'll need to rest and do nothing after intense stretching so that you can heal and rebuild yourself. Taking naps for at least 2 hours after an intense day of stretching is not a choice. Your body takes over and lies you down. You're regenerating yourself daily — dramatically!

You have learned to take your capacities further with the knowledge that you have learned. You start stretching all day in the way you are being with everyone and everything you do.

Your worlds inside and outside of you are different. You now feel calmer inside and you can enjoy everything outside of yourself more. But the world outside of you also looks less put together. And the calmer you get inside the more interested and responsible you feel to do something about what's wrong with the world. You're probably all organic by now and you'd like the world to move in that direction-yesterday.

Group stretch

All of your physiological functions are open to your viewing. You now can't "not-know" how different foods affect your digestion. You need to fast to detox your past eating habits from your body - everything crummy that you ever ate needs to be purged. After your fast the tissues in your arms and legs become supple again like a young teenager or even like a child. You just love eating fresh food – food that is just picked from an organic garden. The food you eat is simply just not found in 99% of restaurants - and yet it is "peasant simple" and very nutritious. It's not how the food was seasoned but which foods are in season that counts.

And now, not so surprisingly, you're listening and communicating in new ways. You'll find yourself talking with your closest friends about everything that is coming up in you – past memories, super real and surreal dreams, new understandings, deep dark secrets, etc. Other stretchers certainly connect with the kinds of things that are occurring to you and encourage you to keep transforming. But you also find yourself attentive and listen to everyone – the person behind you in the check out line, the woman walking her dog – EVERYONE. You find that caring for other people becomes a preoccupation, something you are always now doing.

You become more awake, conscious, clear and alive. These aren't just words, these describe increases in your awarenesses of your everyday experiences. You'll find yourself maturing so quickly – learning intellectual stuff so fast, making life changes in a moment, and of course you'll barely recognize the body you see in the mirror as your own. You don't even have to want to change your bad habits, stretching simply erases them – as unbelievable as that might sound. As you remove the scar tissue from your body, your life scars are erased leaving you with a you that you always wished for. Many, many uncharacteristic behaviors for you are becoming second nature.

It's obviously sometimes somewhat overwhelming. You knew you wanted to change, and you feel so unbelievably good that you can now afford to have your negative 'stuff' come up. Stretching literally lifts your internal problems out of you. You always thought you had to go down and get your past traumas and remove them. But every time you tried to do this, just as you got within touching range of your negative past, for some reason you were not allow to remove them directly. From stretching you've learned that you need to instead feel and be the opposite of those bad feeling before you can go underneath them and raise them from within yourself...up and out forever...epiphanies.

You initially gave the idea of stretching some thought.
But the reality of the differences in yourself
Boggles your mind,
Exceeds what you imagined would have happened,
Excites you beyond you being able to control yourself,
And your mind works like it's a room full of people in a think tank
Except they are all in one head - yours.

You positively love the recent extraordinary changes in yourself. Your posture and movements have become more graceful, powerful and exact. You self-express and communicate a million times more effectively both to others and to yourself. Your mood is high but stable, but it's also loaded with fluctuations. Your feelings of self worth and self-esteem couldn't be better. All the psychological frontiers are open. The gateway to the spiritual world has been crossed. Energy becomes almost palpable.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, in your life is staying much the same. And as long as you keep stretching intensely and regularly, the rate of all these things changing keeps accelerating. But there is an ever-increasing peacefulness, calmness, stillness, and quietness about you. Everyone notices because they say you affect them that way. You probably would have never guessed that anyone would ever describe you as being this way. You are literally being in ways that would have been "a real stretch for you to be" in the past.

And what about other people? Well ... people don't look the same to you anymore. You don't feel or think about other people the same either. Your life with them changes – it has to. The truth is you've learned how to value the best in others, and you intentionally bring that out what you admire most about them and in so doing you get to learn how to be in all the ways you've always wanted to be.

These new feelings and thoughts about people include your partner, your family, your friends, the people you work and play with, and everyone else you see even causally on the street, at restaurants, at the movies, everywhere, etc. As a matter of fact, you have found yourself connecting and staying connected with everyone. Every person is viewed as another of the great wonders of the world (and you're all members of the same fraternity.) You now think in global terms about everything.

Resistance Flexibility pulls you together not apart
It's pulling your world together,
And you feel like pulling the world together.
Stretching requires your genius
And thus brings it out of hiding–forever.

Hamstring stretch

I want to stretch and I don't want to stretch...

Are you wondering after reading this, whether or not you need or want to stretch more? I think everyone will be stretching soon. The rate stretching is catching on is faster than anything I've ever seen before. Attempting to master stretching has given you an unrivalled mental prowess and commitment to learning nearly everything. When you think you can't do any more, you just push yourself over the edge!

People now stretch in the airports, bus stations, parks, sidewalks, in their offices, at the pool, riding stables, at all athletic events, at parties, garage sales, on the TV, in movies and in plays; on planes, trains, boats; in the water, in the air, under the ground; before, during and after work, play, sex and eating. In the near future it will be very difficult to find anyone that doesn't stretch.

Stretching had suddenly become indispensable...
Everything from your skin inward stretches.
Profound insights jump out of you.
Everything from the self outwards responds.
You are stretching all day long in the way you are being.

You have come to the conclusion that whenever someone malfunctions in a particular way that this is happening solely because something inside themselves is snafuing. If they 'fix' what is not working inside, then they will exhibit a specific high quality that is the exact opposite of the previously behavior. Remember, do not try and unearth or attack the low quality; get underneath it with understanding and let it rise up and out by itself. Help release them from the past, as they spring forward from those early ages into the present at an accelerated rate.

You have learned how to identify in yourself exactly what others are feeling and you can find your way out of their 'stuff' so that you can guide them out of their mess. You also have learned that you need to know how to defend yourself from their snafus while doing this. You feel things that most people commonly overlook. Other's thoughts, feelings, intentions, and their past and futures become things you feel and imagine. You literally envision events and people that have or will occur to others and yourself. Your energetic perceptions bring with them the possibility for you to perform many kinds of unspoken actions – miracles.

You've learned that being attached is as good as being detached; being physical is as good as being spiritual; that instincts are as good as knowledge; that analysis as good as logic; and that being subjective is as good as being objective. You have learned that at any one moment the past, future, and present are all reflecting in the state of your body. You've learned that fear, anger, suffering and anxiety are the negative sides of instincts that you've learned to process through (and not repress) — that it's essential to do this to change. As the awareness of these instincts guide you into the right actions to take, you quickly find yourself fearless, loving, alive, and excited. And you've learned to do this awareness-processing "trip" whether you or someone outside you is experiencing them. You have learned to turn (not repress) negative feelings and emotions into their opposites— like turning food waste into compost into rich soil that produces the best food — into the best character traits known to man.

For example, you've learned that thinking you're dumb means you can use that instinct to become really smart; that feeling empty can be used to become #1 - the best at what you do and who you are; that over-working and having no life can be used to create the balance of playing at work and working at play; that the worst things people to do each other and to the planet can be used to manifest a world of unimaginable bounty.

It has become obvious that some problems must be solved by going outside yourself and some by going inside yourself. Some problems are mainly caused from within while others are caused from without — some are both. They are always connected, but don't go in to solve an outside problem and vice versa. For example, you can transform yourself inside of the fear of moving into fearlessness and decisiveness by stretching, but then you must go outside yourself and collect enough information about new places, and go see those places. Another example: stretching improves how you digest food from the inside, but you need to upgrade what you eat to be the right weight.

Develop yourself both from the inside out and from the outside in.
Work on inside stuff from the inside and outside stuff from the outside.
Sometimes you can succeed only by doing both.
The outside and inside worlds need to be lived in a balanced way
– not too in, not to out.

Ultimately, what you experience about yourself and others while you practice stretching, begins to happen all day. The different ways you have learned to be while stretching, allow you to be very flexible in the way you are with yourself and others at any moment. Your physical side is about health, the thinking side of you is about knowing, your spiritual side is about living, and your emotional side is about being. Before you started to stretch, you had very defined and a limited number of ways using these four different sides of yourself. But now you are unbounded in how you will interact and be with everyone. Your world has been blow wide open. Now nothing is impossible — literally. You are stretching all day long by the way you are being and your body reflects you being flexible in you life by making you more physically flexible — the connection paves the way.

Your Sixth Sense - Intuition

You have learned to 'stretch in the way you are being' all day long. You have both an inside and outside perception of reality that is ever expanding. You are constantly meditating on internal phenomena and contemplating on external phenomena. You have learned to allow your focus to be wherever it needs to be. There is no telling how you will interact with others, express and communicate because you have been educated about allowing yourself to be different at every moment. Your intuition functions from 16 different directions and is raging.

Everywhere you go everyone keeps looking different! What is it? What has happened? What has stretching really done to you?

Humanity has already made the evolutionary leap.
Critical mass has already occurred.
The whole world is transforming.
Everyone is upgrading.
Everyone's intuition is on fire.

You are now acknowledging your 'sixth sense' - your sixteen types of intuitions in yourself and others. You use your intuition just like you do your eyes, your ears, and your sense of touch. Except your intuition sees without eyes, hears without ears, feels without touching - it's eyes, ears, and hands that sense. The intuitions pick up frequencies outside the ranges possible by your other senses. You see into other people, you hear what is behind what they are saying, and you heal them with your touch.

You have gained perspective to know what in inside and what is outside yourself. You find yourself using your intuition much more than ever before. It's constantly turned on! You are experiencing synchronicity happening at an increasing rate. You are infinitely more compassionate and empathic... you're losing the war with yourself and others.

The sum total of all the affects of stretching tells you that you are human, more like every other human than you had realized; but you are also rock, vegetable, animal and godly. You find yourself revering people for no other reason than simply because they are human. Stretching has taught you that you can enter into the reality of each and every other person... from the inside out! You've learned to acknowledge the 16 Geniuses.

I would never have imagined in a million years,
All the things that have already happened to me from stretching.
Almost nothing has not changed and
Who I have become is what I have always wished for.
I can see other people like myself
And in so, treat them as myself.
The 16 Geniuses are also within me.

The 16 Geniuses – Your Genius

There are 16 geniuses each with their own "brand" of intuition.

Which one are you? Are you the genius that knows when people tell the truth, or the genius that knows to remain always free, or the genius who harnesses the force behind decisions, or the genius that loves unconditionally, or the genius that is constantly creative.... Loving what you do expresses the genius.

Becoming more flexible in different stretches has taught you that there are 16 different personality types, that people are born a genetic type. Each type's traits are pervasive compared to other type's usual behaviors. The better and more positive someone's conditioning the greater they "turn out." So you condition yourself to learn how to speak the English language in 16 different ways so that you can communicate to all the 16 different types of people. You now allow yourself to be freely physical, emotional, spiritual, and mentally different for each situation – you stretch the way you are being all day long! You literally morph by allowing different aspects of your personality to manifest dependent on your needs, others needs and the needs of the situation. You are embodying all four-world views and all of the 16 genetic personality types – you are constantly spending more and more time living the unknown.

You can now see, hear and touch "intuitively" the real person inside most everyone. You can literally talk to people through the conversation you are having with them. Like a concentrated ball of pure energy, their real self lives within them just waiting to be acknowledged and talked to. That part of them, when it sees that you are listening to them, will talk directly with you and begin to tell you precisely what you've never known but must know to grow.

The energetic or spiritual world has opened to you.
You have reached your meridian –
You've become a distinctive character,
A genius,
One of a great circle of people and life.

I respect all your efforts and wish the world to reflect what I know to be possible.
I think the world of you.
I wish all others and myself to be in life.
I believe in you.

Love and respect,

Bob Cooley

The Genius of Flexibility