We specialize in creating programs for artists and performers.

We create a specialized program for each artist or performer based on an intense quantitative analysis of their physical and psychological fitness. Specific Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training programs are created and performed on each individual three or more times per week to remove injuries, increase flexibility and strength, facilitate recovery, upgrade psychological health, and specifically to increase the breadth of appeal of the artists and performers.

The physical part of the training includes hundreds and hundreds of aerobic Resistance Stretching and Strengthening exercises; 16 kinds of kinematic Resistance Stretching and Strengthening patterns — involves intense rotational resistance; maximal flexibility and strengthening exercises — for both the lower and upper body.

The psychological part of the training carefully involves you in 16 specific stretches that have concomitant psychological benefits. For example, some stretches can be used to teach you how to 'be' better looking, more trusting, less defensive, more peaceful, etc. Identifying these 16 different 'ways of being' produced by the different stretches allows access to these qualities in yourself. Once experienced and identified, you can allow yourself to be different based on the demands of the role or performance.

Our members of the team perform mashing on you and also recommend eating an all organic diet including organic supplements. Hyperbaric chambers are recommended for enhancing recovery, rehabilitation, and relaxation. Other traditional and alternative therapies are also usually recommended.

The elite team can travel with the artists or performers for short intense periods of time. See text below for an in depth explanation of benefits that can be achieved through our elite training.

If you are a professional artist or performer and are interested in a program being created for you please contact us. Limited availability.

For the Artists and Performers

Letting the Secrets Out

Stretching, as we've already found, offers a very wide entrance into personality. This channel can be used to develop all aspects of yourself and help to create a really great personality. Therefore use stretching as a vehicle to bring you where personality is Queen – acting and performing. Develop your personality to portray itself to be bigger than life. Here's how.

It seems to me that the most successful actors and performers are no one other than themselves. In fact, they are more themselves than most anyone in the audience knows how to be. That's why they're on the stage and screen. The audience is learning how to be more of themselves by watching the actor be more real than they might know how to be!

Now I know that you probably think that actors are doing unreal things. But though the scene they are in is contrived, everything else is just as real as how every person lives every minute of every day. Great actors take the real feelings they have about the people they are acting with and the circumstances they are in, and meld these in with the feelings generated from their imagination about the contrived story they are playing.

They are being with the other actors as fully as possible. That means they are dealing with their feelings of love and anger, attraction and repulsion, moral judgements, and psycho-analytical understanding of everyone about them and themselves in order to be incredible with what is happening.

Be it.

Everyone needs to be flexible, but musicians require more depth of flexibility than most sports. Everyone knows that putting is harder than driving because the control that is necessary in putting is much greater than in driving. And sure your diaphragm needs to really be flexible to sing well, but those fine movements with your fingers for musicians require more flexibility than everyone else.

What Acting is Not

No, you do not make up phony feelings to suit the role you are playing with other actors. Instead you have to act on the real feelings you have for the other actors and have these real feelings bridge into the contents of the scene. The more you have the real emotions you have for the person(s) you are acting with, the more real will be how you interact with them in context of the story line.

Many people are fooled into believing that you take past feelings and put them into the scene....wrong. You take real feelings and fit them into the contrived story. If you like the person you are with, those feelings are expressed in scenes where it is necessary to like them. You probably also are angry, happy, sad, melancholy, frightened, angst, etc with the same person and you all those feelings to play out in those scenes that need those feelings. Again, you do not make up false feelings you have for someone you are acting with or with the story line and force those on the situation.

You create the role from the inside out and from the outside – in real time. All the different types of stretches will teach you how to be in every way imaginable.

Tension and Relaxation — It's A Trade

When other people find you attractive or you find them attractive, everyone naturally becomes self-conscious. Now if you don't try and stop this from happening by repressing the feelings you are having, and not push your self-consciousness under the rug by being stoic, then as you know, your awareness of being tense starts escalating. You find that your attention naturally somehow gets stuck inside and you might not have ever thought to stay connected with what's outside you, the other person, and what's happening to them. But if you allow this to happen, then within moments you can pass through the golden gate into relaxation. You then find yourself being quite social and really enjoying yourself and others. That's the trade and of course in Hollywood they refer to acting as a trade.

What you might not have realized when you make it through the self-consciousness, is that your best looks are now coming forth. You are becoming better and better looking. It's a feeling, not a thought about being attractive that creates the looks. Anywhere, with anyone, when you begin to feel self conscious is the exact training ground for you to practice going through being self-conscious. Stick with it until you get all the way through, and you will stay there if this process becomes second nature.

While traveling through the self-consciousness you will however feel very tense, not know what to do with yourself, with perhaps find a part of your mind that is not telling you the most flattering things. But hang in there, because if you make it through this temporary purgatory state, you will find yourself up on stage – the stage of life. It's really exhilarating frankly. People that can do this describe the state as ecstatic. Once you've got it, you will always know how to let it happen. You become the latest 'it'­ as they say in the trade.

Sex Appeal

Yes, sex appeal is natural but also needs to become second nature. Some people are inherently better at giving off good looks than other types, but anyone that wants to be 'up there' needs to know how to be good looking. Good looks is a way of being and not simply a genetic physical configuration of the face and/or body. Both good looks and a gorgeous body are developed. In fact, inherent talent in either of these categories is now no longer enough to be famous. You must develop your looks and body in order to get there.

Stretching can absolutely be used to increases your sexual appeal. Stretches #10 literally develop your good looks regardless of how much you already have. Good looks include a very large persona, curved features, graceful movements, absorbing attraction, symmetrical features, sexual vibes, and enormous appeal. All of these can be immediately experienced in 15 minutes of targeted stretches that generate those qualities.

All of the emotional stretches develop a different aspect of your looks. Stretches #2 develop handsome and pretty, Stretches #3 develop Star good looks as we've already said, Stretches #8 develop beauty, and Stretches #13 develop image. Try practicing each of these for at least a half hour continuously and then check yourself out in the mirror...WOW. Like everyone else that we've shown this trick, you'll wonder why no one ever showed you how to do this before. Then your mind immediately begins planning on doing these stretches before you go out the next time. Then you look at us with bewilderment and gratitude and find we're really happy for you.

One and All

Everyone that is famous is centered in their genetic personality type. But they are not just their type. They have developed themselves to be quite flexible enough to not only be fluent in all four world views (physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental) but in as many of the other personality type's traits within themselves. They have learned how to be access their anger, love, fear, fearlessness, moralness, amoralness, excitement and anxiety at any moment. Being all these different aspects of themselves is second nature to them. Three quarter of these qualities did not come naturally; they are acquired.

Stretching centers you into yourself by practicing stretches that are for your type, as well as developing your ability to access all of the other world views and personality types and traits within yourself. By developing and being able to bring forth all aspects of yourself, the actors breadth of appeal increases because different types of people watching them can now identify with them, while others find themselves attracted.

Practice those stretches that center you into your natural type. Then learn about the other parts of yourself as you identify the traits about the other types by practicing all the other stretches. This is easier said than done, but doable.

The Star – Goddess – God

Don't get squirmy on me when I use these words. These words describe exactly the way anyone feels when they become the personality type that is associated with the sexual organs. As blasphemous as it might sound, I know of no one that practices Stretches #10 that don't describe themselves using these words...no one.

Let's face it. Looks are emotional not physical. A great body is nice but will not bring with it good looks necessarily. Looks are in your face, and emotionality governs your face. So you will have to develop emotionally if you want to see your face larger than life.

Encouraging an actor to be more of themselves; to be able to continuously accessing being a star personality is what stretching does. Being able to not just turn on your sexual appeal, but to have it stay lite is essential for success. Being as emotional as you need to be as an actor can develop you into a full blown star personality characterized by incredible good looks with a fantastic image, a remarkable likeableness, and breathtaking beauty- all while staying yourself.

Your Body

You already know that you can transform your entire shape through stretching. Too big on the bottom and too small on the top – no problem. Great body but brown bag face – no problem. Wimpy or fat body – no problem. As hard as this may be to believe, there is no one I have stretched that doesn't know this is possible. All it takes is regular stretching, and strategic selection of stretches.

A combination of flexibility, strength, and aerobic exercise will bring you the naturally good looking body that everyone reveres most. We are not talking here about the overly muscled look, nor the super thin gaunt look. We are talking here about the natural good looking face and body – not too muscular, not too fit, not to stretched out – just right. And plan on keeping this great body for life not for a few years.

Warning: a great body only brings a dark ego with it that might talk you into believing that you've got the looks. But remember looks are not physical they are emotional, so let that great body get a face - go emotional!


Everyone that is successful regardless of what they do, knows that they have learned how to reinvent themselves continuously. Most everyone changes a little over time, but the wildly successful people change a lot every day. In order to keep your audience attracted to you, you have to be developing. and developing means every part of yourself - physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

It's not just a matter of a new style of hair, or clothes...it's what's inside that has changed that brings on more appeal. Some times you might need more physical upgrading, other times you personal psychology needs to upgrade, etc. The time is right for one or more of the four aspects of yourself to be lifted way up, if you are to maintain your lead.

What Roles To Pick, What Characters To Be

What represents you best – your own personality type. Don't be fooled into convincing yourself that you can play any role. You will have to know yourself really really well before you can type cast yourself being yourself in the role that is you. Being you is not so easy, it is actually the most difficult type to be. Know yourself and you've got a chance.

There are many high and low qualities for each type. Find other people your type and see what high qualities they have developed that you need. Learn from their low traits. Try stretches for your type and identify yourself. Try other stretches and find those qualities in you and act them out.

You can play both the high and low traits of your type, but the high will attract a bigger audience.

For the Singers

Everyone that has ever tried to sing, immediately realizes that their diaphragm needs to be able to stretch while they exhale and sing. But few realize that the diaphragm needs to contract while stretching (just like any muscle that stretches) during their exhalation. This is experienced by the singer as resisting or tensing the diaphragm while it ascends during the exhalation. Adding the resistance to stretching the diaphragm gives the vocal cords the breath support they need.

This skill of contracting one's diaphragm while singing (exhaling) is the secret to singing powerfully and protects you from damaging one's vocal cords. Remember, your diaphragm contracts, shortens, and descends during your inhalation, and contracts and lengthens when you sing (exhale).

Having the flexibility in all aspects of yourself, allows the singer to emote, relate, connect, and bridge to their audience. All 16 parts of yourself need to be active when singing. Anyone that you leave, leaves that type in your audience out.

Have a ball...sing up a storm...include everyone.

Getting Attention And Giving It Back

When you are complemented about your looks you need to give back to those people because if you don't you will become so full of yourself that you will probably do destructive things to empty yourself. So let's try and learn how to give back attention. Here's how.

If someone complements you, express in some way to them your attachment to them. Say or do something that shows your attraction to something about them. You might really enjoy their voice or some personality trait they have. Let them know how you feel. This turns into a circular loop of getting and giving that can turn into gigantic appeal.

It is usually a surprise to people that are not 'in' on being attractive that you are attractive because you give other people attention as well as being able to accept it from others. Try this in any situation with anyone and then look at yourself in the mirror. Giving back the attention is the secret to being good looking.

All of the emotional stretches will teach you how to do this:Stretches #2,#8, #10, and #13.

Dangers of Stardom-Borderline

Every personality is a two sided sword- being yourself and not being yourself. Stardom is obviously associated with getting huge amounts of attention, wealth and license. And if you regularly deal with upgrading your faults you have a good chance of keeping it that way. But if you don't, then the opposite of Stardom can pull you into a place that is not easily handled. Only the Star (Sexual) Personality Type has instincts to deal with the level of bad moods and uncaringness that they experience when things go haywire.

The Star Personality Type is naturally caring and can affect an entire group with their good mood. They are accepting but sensitive to negative criticism. They need to be with other people who exhibit trust as a high quality more than needing any other trait from other types. They can falter into bias, moodiness, emotional instability and morbidity if things go bad.

Actors complete what they are trying to do by learning to be more unconditionally loving. Stretches # 7 develop completeness for the actor.

Openness is the number one pivoting point bringing the actor towards success. Knowing how to transform yourself is the name of the game and it needs to be done for real. Stretches #11 show you how to open everything.

Addictions are the opposing trap for stars. Addictions focus ones life around the addictive substance instead of around your career. Stretches #5 turn addictions into being centered on being your true self as well as seeing the true self in others.


Here's another unknown. The success of the Star is based on their level of development of certain personality traits. These include trustworthiness, being aristocratic, civil, polite, an incredible problem solver and becoming very knowledgeable. With these qualities much follows naturally. You can develop these qualities by practicing Stretches #10.

Everyone's a Genius (a Star)

The Genius of Flexibility