Jacob Brady

Certified Affiliate Intern

Santa Barbara, CA

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My name is Jake, and I am a trainer at the Santa Monica studio. I’ve been working with The Genius of Flexibility for over three years now. I originally discovered the studios and the work through my childhood friend Eric Dermond, who is also one of the elite trainers that works out of the Boston studio location. As a young man in my early twenties, I suffered a traumatic injury to my right leg and ankle. I made a full recovery, but I never felt the same after. Physically, psychology, emotionally and spiritually, things had shifted for me; inside and out. I felt lost. My orthopedic surgeon told me that scar tissue in my leg was inhibiting my movement, and advised that only movement itself could help in the process of breaking it down non surgically. I tried to figure out how to do so for years following this advise, with very little result. I gained a ton of weight and become disconnected with myself in general. I lost hope.

I was living with Eric at the time in Newark, New Jersey. During the summer, he visited Boston with his mom to attend one of Bob Cooley’s lectures. He came back energized and excited about what he had learned. I remember being generally confused and very closed minded to the information he presented. Eric began to train at the studio in NYC, when it was still open. He would come home and tell me tales of grandeur, of the amazing possibilities resistance flexibility and strength training offered. I simply would not listen and chose not believe his words. I was generally unaware of the anger issues I was struggling with at the time. For months, this cycle continued. On one special day, Eric returned home from the studio as he often did, and came right up into our room to tell me about his day and RFST. I was filled with complete and utter rage. I remember feeling like I would physically hurt him if I had to listen to one more explanation. I finally yielded my enormous resistance, and surrendered to having a new experience. So I could objectively determine the effectiveness of the work and maybe be able to reach my friend, who I judged as being crazy. What a projection of my own insanity. I’m so grateful to my friend Eric for being so patient and persistent with me. This experience would go on to alter the entire trajectory of my life.

Eric laid me down, and made five movements on my right leg. I was sent into what felt like a hallucinogenic trip, as I relived the events of the day l injured my leg. I became hyper sensitive to sound, light and touch for ten minutes. As I returned back to reality, I awoke into more clarity then I had felt in years. I had reclaimed a piece of me which I had lost. It was the first thing I had done since my surgery that actually worked. I knew intuitively then and there, I had found what I had been searching all that time for. For the next month I was in an enlightened state. Reconnecting to my desires and ambitions, regained my ability to read and write, to concentrate again for longer periods of time, began practicing martial arts, among many other amazing things. It was like the locks to the chains I had surrounded myself in had unlocked and opened. I knew I had to meet this Bob Cooley guy.

I went on to visit Santa Barbara a year later and get ten sessions with Bob. Which further altered the entire course of my life. I was amazed by this genie of a man, wise and enlightened. Presented me with so many ideas I had never even considered, exposing my ego. What a phenomenal teacher. I was floored by the aliveness and presence of all the trainers. It was such a humbling experience for a guy like me, who had lived a life of feeling superior to others because of my thinking gifts. A gift and a curse. I left Santa Barbara a changed man, renewed and reinvigorated. Little did I know I’d be returning to California over a year later to start my journey as a trainer.

I spent the next year in New Jersey reflecting on my life. I quit smoking cigarettes and began eating healthier food. I felt better in my body then I had all the years since my injury. However I felt like I couldn’t escape the toxicity of my own life. People around me were mirrors for how unhealthy I truly was. I was working at the time as a tire changer, and I remember asking myself, “is this it? Am I ever going to live up to my potential?” I had gotten too comfortable with mediocrity, I needed something more stimulating and engaging.

I couldn’t stop thinking about resistance stretching and the experiences I had. I decided that year, that I want to become like the people I so much admired. I needed to be around them to absorb their wisdom. On a trip to Costa Rica, my friend and elite trainer Alex Nolte, suggested I move out to California and become a trainer. I had never even considered that possibility. It felt like destiny had opened up my path before me. All that was left to do was walk forward.

Three years ago I moved to California and began my training at the studios. What a journey it has been. The person I have become is almost unrecognizable to the one I had been. My body has morphed, losing tons of weight; becoming more present, healthy and fit then I ever could have imagined. I am more clear headed and still then I remember being as a child, as the true philosopher king within me emerges. I am becoming emotionally unrepressed and learning to process my anxiety and just be me. My energetic karma and life has changed entirely.

I put in enormous efforts, to work to transmute the trauma I lived through. I love and adore the person I’ve become and am continuing to evolve into. I am blessed to be surrounded by the most incredible community of individuals and support system on the planet. I am honored to be an embodiment of this work and what it can do for a person. The work is never done.

I look forward to working with potential clients. Feel free to reach out any time. I’m always here.