16 Genetic Personality Types

Bob Cooley

Resistance Flexibility 1.0
The 16 Geniuses — Sixteen Genetic Personality Types 1.0 (release forthcoming)

16 Types of Physiological and Psychological Health Upgrades

There is a concomitance between each of the 16 Genetic Personality Types and their concomitant muscle groups and types of Resistance Flexibility stretches. The health upgrades that can be occur are consistent with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory. Specifically each group of muscles is concomitant with an organ, its tissue type, a physiological system, and development of the high personality traits of each of the 16 types. For example, the same muscles that give you the ability to jump are also concomitant with the health of your bladder and bones according to TCM theory, and development of honesty, hopefulness, and diversity, while the muscles that you use to throw a ball are concomitant with the health of your lungs, the oxygenation of your blood, and the development of power, truth, and leadership. Practice 16 different types of stretches to learn how to positively affect your physiological and psychological health.

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