Alex Nolte

RFT Master Trainer

Santa Barbara, CA

Los Angeles, CA

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It all happened pretty quickly... One day in late August of 2014, an old friend of my parents' had brought me into the Boston studio without having any prior knowledge as to who Bob Cooley was or what he did. 4 days later I was no longer off to the community college that was eventually going to lead me to studying Personal Training at Central Queensland University in Australia, and had instead decided to move to Boston and start this chapter of my life. Haven't looked back since!
Growing up a competitive high school athlete, the human body was always something that sparked lots of interest in me. Little did I know that with the work I was now involving myself in, I would not only learn about what I thought the body was, but everything that I did not know it was! I am still wowed, years later, about the vast amounts of information I yearn to learn. There is always more! 'Tis one of life's greatest secrets.
One of my favourite things about the work is that there is something for everyone. I have experience working with people of all ages and physical capabilities. From a 6 year old girl born with scar tissue in her bladder, to a 42 year old man recovering from the Boston Marathon, to an 88 year old woman confined to a bed with heavy onset MS. From athletes looking to recover from injury, to businessmen looking for an emotional outlet, to authors looking to improve their writing! ANYONE AND EVERYONE!